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...The photographer was what we spent our most time picking out and I'm glad we did. Jay and his wife did a STUNNING job. Leading up to the wedding he was very involved with in-person and over the phone meetings. Whenever we emailed him with questions or suggestions, he was always quick to respond. He did our engagement shots where he got a good feel of what we were looking for (and we got a better feel of what it was like to be in front of a camera). We wanted a very classic feel without the Pinterest, overdone poses. We loved his style of photography with the emphasis on candid pictures. He caught in the moment pictures that are priceless. We always felt comfortable and ourselves with his direction. He also did a good job of directing a loud group of people and got amazing group shots. The pictures are the main thing that you have left of the day and if you want amazing timeless photographs to cherish pick Jay!

...You can't go wrong with hiring Jay and Kathy for your wedding (or any major life event!) Both Jay and Kathy were wonderful to work with throughout the entire wedding planning process. 

I learned about Jay Dreifus from The Knot, along with many many many other photographers. My (now) husband and I chose to hire Jay for our wedding because his photos are absolutely stunning; his techniques with lighting, as well as his quality equipment, make for goregous, classic photos that are truly pieces of art.

Jay and Kathy are very professional, timely, and organized. I have recommended Jay to all of my friends getting married soon, and I would recommend them to ANYONE else as well. Hiring Jay and Kathy are ABSOLUTELY worth every penny, it's like getting two photographers for the price of one! When you hire Jay you will experiene peace of mind knowing your photos will be safe, accessible, of high quality, classic, and most importantly they make your big day fun!

...They say a picture is worth a thousand words... and in the case of Jay Dreifus Photography, they would be right.  Our wedding was in August of 2016 and we originally came across Jay's info during a search online. We were so impressed by Jay's sample photos that we decided to reach out to him immediately to set up a meeting in person. Whether it is through phone, email, text, or in person, communicating with Jay is a breeze and pleasure, for he responds quickly, listens attentively, and acknowledges appropriately. If the online sample photos weren't enough, meeting with Jay in person and seeing his meticulously crafted albums sealed the deal for us... and we haven't even looked for a second vendor yet.

Unbeknownst to us at that time, Jay's ability to shoot amazing works of art was only part of the wonderful experience with him. It turns out he is extremely passionate about what he does and this showed during every one of our interactions. His endless amount of energy, ability to interpret and understand our thoughts, and keen eye for an excellent pose have all the right ingredients for a star photographer. He once told us that once he starts taking photos he just can't stop, and usually it's the couple who gets tired of shooting first... he was not proven wrong. Furthermore, he and his wife Kathy make a sweet and wonderful duo who made us feel at ease the minute we met them, an important aspect considering comfort and relaxation bring out the best Kodak moments.

On our wedding day, it rained but Jay's ability to capture awe-inspiring photos under any circumstances is truly amazing. We had full confidence in his abilities and knew the photos would look magical even if hail was coming down. Weddings are such hectic days on which so many things are happening at once, some unforeseen, and we are ecstatic that we chose Jay, who turned out to be one of the constant elements during our magical day that we could count on.

...Jay and his wife Kathy are such an amazing photography team! I could not have chosen a better photographer for our wedding! They come up with the most creative, beautiful shots. Everyone was so impressed by the quality of the photos.In fact, I've had people contact me after seeing the photos posted on Facebook wanting to hire him! That all being said, the greatest thing about having Jay and Kathy at the wedding? It was like having good friends celebrating with us, who also happen to be an incredible photography team. They are the best!

...Jay and his wife Kathy exceeded our expectations. My now husband and I had a very hard time choosing a photographer given that we had a lower budget and I am artsy and critical of photography and just couldn't seem to find someone in our price point who also had great photography skills. So happy that we found Jay Dreifus Photography- Just by looking at his photos you can tell that Jay has an excellent eye for photography. I would say his style is photo-journalistic with lots of great candids that really showed our emotions. His wife Kathy comes along with him and helps setting up shots and making sure everyone looks great with their poses and such. It was such an excellent value for what we paid to have them both on hand the entire day!  Not only did they both show up early, they braved the unexpected rain that happened and still managed to capture so many great images. I remember at one point during the day we were standing under a covered porch with the wedding party all dry posing for photos and was Jay out there in the rain, being an absolute trooper! Jay and Kathy are both lovely people who are great at their work, and you can tell they really enjoy it. Absolutely 100% worth their reasonable price point.

...Jay and his wife, Kathy, were both such a pleasure to work with! Jay did our engagement and wedding photos and I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole experience. We were able to include my husband’s 5 year old son in our engagement pictures and Jay and Kathy were so fantastic with him that he had a great time in a situation he could have been easily bored with. Jay really provides personalized attention; he even provided me contacts for hair stylists/make-up artists that came highly recommended. Our wedding photographs are unique, creative and really capture everyone’s emotions throughout the day. Jay took beautiful photos that really reflect the beautiful day we had. Jay was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and always available for questions or suggestions. He was always early, very patient and truly has an eye for really capturing the magic moments throughout the day. Also, thanks to Jay’s creative use of social media, we were able to view some of our wedding photos as early as on our honeymoon. What a great surprise! We can’t say enough nice things about Jay and would absolutely recommend Jay for everyone’s special day.

...Jay and Kathy were great to work with! I have been a bridesmaid a few times and hands down, they are the best! They both create a relaxed, fun, and pleasant atmosphere. They accommodated my husband, my family, my bridal party, and me. The pictures are some of the best wedding shots we have ever seen.  I can't imagine my wedding without them there capturing the special moments. I would completely recommend them. Thank you, Jay and Kathy, for all of your work! We love you!