Second Place in an International Print Competition!!!
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July 12, 2018
By Jay Dreifus Photography

I'm so behind in my blogging I'm going to just start anew.  When I entered Diana and Jacob's "dip" picture in the annual WPPI (Wedding and Portrait International) Print Competition in Las Vegas I thought it would do well.  I entered it in the Wedding Photojournalism category, where no photoshop editing is allowed.  It also has to be a "moment in time" with no input or influence by the photographer.  The best wedding photographers in the world enter this competition, and it just seemed like the perfect picture for the category. (The best pictures need a "cookie," a story within the story.  In this case it's the other couple kissing in the top right corner.)  I was in the room when it was being judged, and listening to the judges comment about how awesome a picture it is was one of the proudest moments of my life.  It is my goal to get an emotional, powerful picture like this at every wedding.

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