How big a decision is choosing the photographer who will document my once-in-a-lifetime day?

My ideal bride is the one for whom the choice of her photographer is the most important decision she makes when it comes to planning her big day. She wants a photographer who can capture the fun, love, and emotion of the day.  Any photographer can capture posed pinterest shots.  My brides want someone who can capture authentic moments.    Looking forward, I want you to able to look at your album with your kids and grandkids in 20, 30, or 40 years, and actually see the way you felt the day you married the love of your life. 

When should we book you?

As soon as you've decided that you like my style. I'm mostly filled for 2018, and I have several weddings booked for 2019.  Summer dates fill up quickly. Unfortunately I cannot hold a date until I have a signed contract and 50% non-refundable deposit, and I cannot tell you if someone else is looking at your date.  It is first come, first served.  It is the only fair way I can do it.

How many weddings have you photographed?

In 2017 I photographed my 100th wedding.

Can we meet with you before the wedding?

Most definitely. It's a great way to get to know each other and talk about your wedding and your timeline. 

Do you have a studio?

I do.  I have a home studio where I meet with clients and show them my art work.

How much do you charge for a wedding?

I custom tailor my products and services for each client.  I have a minimum of eight continuous hours of wedding-day coverage.  I do give a discount for bundling an album with your collection.  Please see my "weddings|pricing" page.

Do you photograph same-sex weddings?

Absolutely!  I'd be honored to photograph yours.  (See galleries here.)

What kind of cameras do you use?

I use Sony's best cameras and lenses. Literally, the best that money can buy (their A9, I recently switched from Canon). I use prime lenses with very shallow depth of field extensively, which helps focus attention on special moments and aids me in taking incredible low-light pictures.

What happens if your camera breaks during our wedding? Also, do you have backup copies of our images?

My backup equipment is the same high quality as my regular equipment. In fact, I generally "wear" two cameras at the same time when I'm shooting a wedding. I do this so I can shoot "wide" and "tight" within seconds of each shot.  It has never happened before, but an added benefit of "wearing" two cameras is that if I have a problem with one camera I won't miss a special moment.

My cameras each have two card slots, so I instantly have duplicate copies of your files.  Immediately after every wedding, I make two additional backup copies. I also have off-site backup within another day or two.

Do you edit all of our pictures?

I certainly do!  Every image I deliver is individually hand-edited by me, one at a time.  I don't mass produce any images, and nothing is processed in batches.

What kind of style is your photography?

I blend traditional and photo-journalistic photography, which results in the best of both worlds.  I do some posing when necessary.  In my photographs I want to show how you feel.  I often set-up my clients so they can have a great time while I unobtrusively stay in the background and capture special moments. Clients will often say "How did you get such great pictures at the reception, we hardly saw you?" I also love low-light photography. I really try to be creative so you get timeless images that are unique.

How many photographs do you take at a wedding?

Every wedding is different. I don't have a limit where I stop. My goal is to tell the story of your day and I take more than enough pictures to do that.

Can we have some of our photographs in both color and black and white?

Definitely.  I give you some of your images in color and some in black and white.   I use my judgement as to what looks best.  If you'd like more of one or the other please let me know before your wedding.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Second photographers are popular today and I work closely with many exceptionally-talented Detroit-based wedding photographers who will serve as my second photographer if you desire one. Note that my wife, Kathy, is my assistant.  Although she isn't a photographer, she does have a camera so she can get a different angle during the ceremony and first looks. If there is still a need for a second photographer it is something we can discuss, and if you want one I will provide another exceptional wedding photographer as an add-on.

Can we have the digital files?

Yes, I deliver .jpg image files with personal use printing rights to all of my wedding clients.  This means that you can use your images on your personal (not business) social media pages and you can print images for your home.

Who owns the copyright?

Jay Dreifus Photography retains the copyright to all images and photographic materials.  Jay Dreifus Photography reserves the right to use the images for the purpose of fine art gallery shows and exhibits, and for use in Jay Dreifus’ portfolio.

What if I don't want you to use the photos from my wedding?

Publishing my images is the way people find me and the way I get business. Also, I like to enter contests and win awards.  However, if you are uncomfortable with my using your images then talk to me.  We should be able to work something out.

What is your cancellation policy?

When you book your wedding with me I'm reserving the date just for you and I will turn down any other offers for that date no matter what the opportunity is. Regardless of the reason you want to cancel our contract, I will refund your deposit (less a rebooking fee) if I can book another wedding of equal or greater value for that day. If I can't rebook that day I cannot return your deposit.

What happens if you get sick and can't make it to my wedding?

It would almost take an 8.0 earthquake to keep me from your wedding. I know that you are counting on me and barring my being deathly ill in the hospital, I will be there.  It has never happened before, but if it does I know a lot of exceptionally talented local photographers who can step in in my place.

In what areas of Southeastern Michigan do you work?

I'm a Detroit-area photographer, and I cover the whole suburban area including Birmingham, Royal Oak, Rochester, Bloomfield, Novi, Northville, Plymouth, and even Ann Arbor. I'm available for destination weddings just about anywhere you're getting married.