and thanks for visiting my web site. Creating amazing images is my passion.  

Photography was my expensive hobby from the time I was a little boy until 2011 when some friends of my kids who didn't have any money asked me to photograph their wedding, and I fell in love with being a part of a couple's special day.  A bridesmaid in that bridal party hired me for her wedding and things snowballed to today. Now I'm one of Detroit's most sought-after wedding photographers, have won international awards, and I have my dream job. 

My wife, Kathy, is my assistant.  We truly love what we do and we have a passion for it.  Kathy is an extra pair of eyes for posing.  She also looks out for the little things while I watch the big things.  She might, for example, notice a cell phone in someone’s pocket while I’m looking at smiles.   When I don’t need her, like during the ceremony or first look, she has a camera to take pictures from a different angle. 

My ideal bride (or groom, I love same-sex weddings) is the one for whom the choice of her photographer is the most important decision she makes when it comes to planning her big day.  Any photographer can take posed Pinterest shots.  I capture the way you feel and the fun, love, and emotion of the day.  

There's more about me here, and you can read my reviews on The Knot (link below) and see what other brides say it's like to work with Kathy and me.  Hire us and not only will you get amazing pictures which capture the story of your day, you'll make two friends for life!

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